Monday, August 29, 2011

Baptism Picture Hair

My princess is getting baptized at the end of this week and we wanted to get some pictures taken for the invitations.  This is the hairstyle that we came up with:
First I completely dried her hair and then I began by creating an off-centered diagonal part in the front.  (I had more of the bang-line on the right side of the diagonal.)  I then sectioned out the hair from one ear to the other so that I was only working with the top half of hair. 
I tied off the left side of my diagonal part so that it was out of the way while I worked with the right.  You'll want to create four even sections out of that side and make sure they run parallel to the diagonal part.  Secure each small area with an elastic at the back of the section. 
 Now move over to the left side and create 5 equal sections. 
 My first 3 section came straight off of the diagonal part instead of running parallel to it.  This just breaks up the design a bit.  Secure each of those areas with an elastic at the back of the section as well. 
 Now you should have 9 small ponytails at the top of the head.  Take each of those ponytails and cross them over and under each other in a weaving pattern.  Go ahead and secure the ends together at the back of the head with bobby pins creating an "X".  
You can either leave the remaining hair straight or curl it like we've done here.  We used a spiral curling iron to get these ringlets. 
We finished it off by giving it a good spray with hairspray and then adding some flower hair pins and velcro pearls. 
The hair not only held up through her photo shoot but all the way through the end of the day too. 
The pictures turned out great and she's very excited for her big day this Saturday!


Brooke said...

I love that style. Incidentally, MY daughter is getting baptized on Saturday also! I didn't know your princess is the same age as mine! I have been playing around with styles for the last week, too. I am REALLY wishing we hadn't cut her hair last spring. It grows sooooo slow! Hope the day is as special for your family as it is for ours!

LK said...

Beautiful!! Have a very good day,I wish your princess all the best.

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Congratulations! That's SO exciting!

Julie said...

oh how neat! Congratulations to your daughter as well Brooke!

The Pingel Family said...

Wow that is gorgeous! I wish I had your talent. I am starting to figure out the basic french braid though. Lol.

UntrainedHairMom said...

The hairstyle is gorgeous and those photos are breath taking..I am so glad I came across your blog, I am really enojying it!

Amanda said...

This hairstyle is great. My daughter is going through her first holy communion this May and this will be the perfect hairstyle!! Where did you get the flowers for her hair though?? Thanks, Amanda

Julie said...

I just bought the flowers at a fabric store in their notions aisle and then hot glued them to some hair pins. :) We have an instructional video on how that's done. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie,
I'm from Holland and in may my daughter is doing her first communion.
I loved the way you did your daughters hair. Could you tell me were I can find the instructional video how to make the hair pins. I couldn't find them;

leny rocio said...

do you have video . I love it .THANKS

leny rocio said...

do you have time to explain the process to do it/ Or video ..thamnks

Anonymous said...

nice it looks realy good on her